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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve prepared some FAQs that may help to save you time. Content will continue to be added and updated to assist you and support your product

Common Questions:

Q. What are the codes to program my remote to the TV?

A. If you would like to program your other household remote controls to your new television, please refer to the User Manual supplied by your Cable or Satellite provider. It should include instructions on how to program their remote to your television.

A list of codes for the most common Cable and Satellite providers are listed below. Use the code that is associated with your Cable or Satellite provider (if applicable).

DIRECTV......0178, 10178, 10019, 10748, 11314, 11660, 11710, 11780, 12049, 10171, 11204, 11326, 11517, 11564, 11641, 11963, 12002, 12183

Time Warner Cable......386, 0178, 10178, 400, 450, 461, 456, 0748, 1463, 0463, 10463

Comcast......0178, 10178, 10463, 11463, 10748, 11314, 11660, 10171, 11204, 11326, 11517, 11641, 11780, 11785, 11892, 11963, 12002

Cox Communications......0178, 10178, 1326, 1463 

Dish Network......505, 627, 538, 720, 659 

If the code associated with your Cable or Satellite provider is not listed, does not work or you cannot locate the instructions to program your remote, call your local Cable or Satellite provider's customer service center.

Q. I’ve lost my remote. How can I order another one?

Losing your TV remote can be frustrating. However, (depending on the model) you may still be able to enjoy the TV by using your phone or you can replace the remote altogether. If you want to order a replacement remote, then visit  https://hisense.encompass.com/

Q. How can I dispose an old TV that I’ve had for years and is no longer working?

Recycling information is available on our website. For details on drop-off locations, please visit http://www.dylpx.live/recycling-information/


Laser TV
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Home Appliances:

Portable ACs

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